People infect People. People contaminate surfaces.  People contaminate the air.

NuVinix helps eliminate contaminates by shining continuous disinfecting UV light onto surfaces and into the air while minimizing exposure to people.  NuVinix solutions eliminate the “Trojan Horse” problem with current disinfection systems.  For example, a room, shop, or warehouse may be clean… until the first infected person enters.

The solution?  NuVinix targeted, intelligent systems know when and where to disinfect in spaces occupied with people–continuously, in real-time.

All-day, all-night, on-demand.

NuVinix provides Real-Time UV Disinfection Solutions

Under Development- seeking alpha testing partners

Protective bubble technology

NuVinix’s protective bubble technology places people or objects in a space surrounded by UV light to protect them or others from possible contamination.  This protective bubble is used when there is the detection of a condition like when a person:

  • runs a fever
  • coughs
  • or sneezes

Protective wall technology

NuVinix protective wall technology puts a “wall” of protective UV light between people and/or areas. UV disinfecting walls placed between people as they wait in a queue in a store, between workers on a factory, warehouse floor, or between co-workers in an office space — providing continuous disinfection.

Protective sweep technology

NuVinix protective sweep technology has a defined effective duty cycle of disinfection of a space.  Use the NuVinix system to disinfect the desired amount of airspace in a space on the desired cycle.  Specific sweeps outside of a duty cycle may be used to clean airspaces objects and/or surfaces as the need arises.

Protective touch technology

NuVinix provides protective touch technology by intelligently sensing which surfaces in a venue/space have been touched. The system remembers and schedules disinfection of the surface.

NuVinix is Designing Your Solutions – Potential Applications

1.  NuAirQ – Work Spaces and Gathering Venues

Use anywhere that people work, gather, shop, or play, these units continually sweep, provide bubbles or walls while people are active in the space – for warehouses, grocery stores, retail, airports, elevators, cruise lines, and more.

2.  NuAirQ – Healthcare Shield

Use in healthcare anytime you need a protective bubble, shield, or wall while handling infectious patients.