Stuart Kaler, CEO, NuVinix

Maybe you have heard the phrase “Sunlight is always the best disinfectant”…..

This phrase, however, has been applied primarily in a political setting – meaning a free press being an essential check and balance on the misuse of power.  Everyone knows that shining light on any given situation has the power to heal, reinvigorate and…potentially to kill.

The problem occurs when that first infected (and perhaps without symptoms) person enters that space with other people there.   Infection occurs.   This is the UV robot’s “Trojan Horse” dilemma.

Sunlight has the Power

This is also true in reality – sunlight has disinfecting properties.  Certain wavelengths of natural light have been known to kill nasty pathogens (like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.).   The main wavelengths of outdoor natural light that do all of that useful killing is found in the ultraviolet (UV) band of light (for those that want the tech details, between 100-350nm).

This useful property of UV light has been known for nearly a century.  So useful in fact, that people have found ways to create UV light (like bulbs, LEDs, and more) and bring that disinfection indoors to stop pathogens from infecting people.

Artificial Sunlight  (UV) Systems

Today’s state of play for UV disinfection can be seen evolving into active systems.  The one that is getting the most press in today’s Covid-19 environment is the application of UV robots.   These robots motor their way through a space/venue (e.g., hospitals, aircraft, and the like) and spread their UV illumination freely.  But, those spaces/venues are devoid of people because UV light (UV A, UV B, and UV C) carries with it the risk of causing cancer, loss of eyesight and a host of other complications.

The “Trojan Horse” Dilemma

It must be said that those robots do, in fact, work – once done, the space/venue is disinfected…..and if you are the first person in that space, you should feel very secure and protected against infection.  The problem occurs when that first infected (and perhaps without symptoms) person enters that space with other people there.   Infection occurs.   This is the UV robot’s “Trojan Horse” dilemma.

Eliminate the Public Health Experiment

To overcome this problem, other people say a certain band of UV light, UV-C,  is completely harmless to humans and other living beings.  To their thinking, we should shine UV-C light everywhere.  This approach however may have problems and many organizations do not agree that UV-C is entirely harmless. Overexposed levels of UV-C are a public health experiment – one that might have unintended consequences.    In addition, UV-C is only one band of disinfecting wavelengths – other bands (UV-A, UV-B, etc.) are not included to kill pathogens faster and more effectively.

The NuVinix Advantage

However, the NuVinix approach allows ALL relevant bands of disinfecting light in an indoor space/venue using an unique approach.  The idea is to combine two areas of technology and see the wonderful possibilities that aid and heal the world economy – by allowing people to go back to work and play.

These two technological areas are (1) light projection steering and (2) AI – object identification and collision avoidance.  Light projection steering allows the NuVinix system to place light precisely WHERE and WHEN it is needed to eliminate viruses, bacteria and more.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable the NuVinix system to detect people, pets, or any living being in a building, warehouse or other space– steering the light to avoid irradiating those living beings.

Getting Back to Work (and Play)

With NuVinix, we enable people to resume their lives – as they once lived it….before the virus causing Covid-19.  And Covid-19 like events in the future are extremely likely with our interconnected world.  Only by getting in front of the problem with intelligent AI and projection systems can the world return to work and play, the way nature intended.  Work, play, stay with NuVinix confidence.